With its ease of use, xcClassified may look deceptively simple at first glance. However, closer examination will reveal that it is a feature rich and flexible classified ads system. In order to make xcClassified second to none, we have spent countless hours testing, developing and refining various layouts and features. The end result is a product that has powerful functionality behind the cover of an interface that is as user-friendly as possible.

How your web site operates will leave a lasting impression on your site's users. The user interface side of xcClassified has been developed so that new users can easily navigate through the process of posting or viewing ads. However, we've also kept the experienced user in mind in with features such as bulk uploading and management of multiple active ads. Users of all levels will find that it is smooth and easy to conduct transactions using xcClassified.

Ad Watch New Feature for version 3.0!

The ad watch feature allows users to register an interest for any items they want. When a seller lists an item with a description meeting their criteria, they will be notified via email. Additionally, users have the option to make their ad watch public. This is a way your users can influence the type of items offered for sale because sellers can use public ad watches to decide to list a matching item that they may have.

Ad Types New Feature for version 3.0!

Ad types make it easy to segment items or services available, from items or services wanted, or from other miscellaneous notifications. Users can search just items wanted to see if they have anything of interest. Another feature that makes your classified listings easy to use by making it easy for users to locate items and services of interest.

Memorized Ads New Feature for version 3.0!

Users can click on a button when viewing any ad in order to add this to their custom list of Memorized Ads. This allows users to have one central place to keep track of all the items in which they are interested. Users memorized ads are stored in their account, so they can view their memorized ads from any location rather than simply saving bookmarks on a local browser. This way they can memorize listings at night and then view them at work the next day when they are ready to purchase from your ad listings.

Bulk Uploader New Feature for version 3.0!

The Bulk Uploader feature is a powerful tool that allows advanced users to manage and list a number of ads at one time. All that is needed is a way to edit or create a CSV (comma separated values) file where each row represents the properties for each ad. This common format allows the bulk upload file to be edited or created by a variety of applications like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. Based on your own configuration options, xcClassified will generate a sample file that users can download. This file will contain the necessary headings and samples of what kind of data should be in each field. Users can take their time creating a CSV file when they are offline, and just come to the site to upload all of their ads at once without having to go through the step-by-step process each time.

Purchase Now New Feature for version 3.0!

Sellers can decide to set a price which they are willing to accept for an item and the quantity that is available of that item. Users will be able to order the item directly when viewing it on your site.

AutoRelist New Feature for version 3.0!

The autorelist feature allows user ads to be automatically relisted for a specified number of times if the item has not sold. Once a user manually closes an ad, it will no longer autorelist.

Bulk Relist New Feature for version 3.0!

The bulk relisting feature allows users to manually relist multiple ads with the ease of one click of a button. Another feature that makes it easy for your most active users manage their ad listings.

Highlight Option New Feature for version 3.0!

Highlighting is one of several options users can choose to make their listings stand out. Users can choose any of the highlight colors that you can define for your site to highlight their listings.

Special Views New Feature for version 3.0!

xcClassified provides a number of views, or ways that your site users can look through all the items that have been posted. By having a variety of views, even the busiest sites can make it easy for site visitors to find items of interest to them.

New This view shows the items that have been posted recently. The site administrator can define the time period that is considered recent.
Hot The Hot view allows the site users to quickly find the most popular ads. Ads are defined as Hot by virtue of the number of times they have been viewed.

Gallery View New Feature for version 3.0!

The Gallery view allows users to find only ads that have images associated with them. The administrator can choose to set a premium price for allowing an ad to appear in the gallery.

Multiple Views Within Categories

Within a category, users can choose to filter the results displayed according to any of the following options: New, Current, Featured and Premiere. Yet another way that xcClassified makes it easy for a user to find the items that most interest him or her.

Searching the Classifieds Database

Since many people might not have time to sit and browse through lists of ads, xcClassified provides comprehensive search functionality. Searching in xcClassified is more powerful than ever. Users can search with multiple keywords either within a category that interests them or throughout the entire xcClassified database. Users can search for items by many fields and they can specify as many or as few of these fields as they want. xcClassified makes it easy for your site's visitors to find the items that will be of interest to them.

Special and Additional Icons

Icons displayed with ad listings can make these items stand out to your site's users. There is a HOT icon for ads that have the most views. There is a PICTURE icon for ads that have an image attached to them. Additionally, the classified site administrator can define other Special Icons to allow users to bring extra attention to their items in lists. The Special Icons are especially useful on niche sites since you can configure them to have any meaning you wish.

Ease of Use

Since you need to encourage activity in a classifieds site to make it successful, the ease of use in posting an ad is extremely important. xcClassified really shines in the way it guides users through the process of posting an item. Even completely inexperienced users find it simple to post an ad and upload images using xcClassified.

Comprehensive Help

We have strived to make xcClassified as intuitively easy as possible to use. However, since certain options or terminiology might not be clear to new users, pop-up help windows are used extensively throughout xcClassified's user interface for added guidance. By clicking on one of the help links conveniently located next to a user option, the user will see a pop up window with an explanation. These help files are simple HTML files that you can customize to suit your site. Space is provided for a Buyer's Guide and a Seller's Guide to help your site users familiarize themselves with how your online classifieds work. Since these are provided as simple HTML files, you can easily customize the text to suit your specific target audience. Having separate help files in this manner is also beneficial to the experienced user as it streamlines the content of the pages used for posting and replying to ads.

User Account Management

xcClassified users can manage their own account details. As the site administrator, you do not need to personally handle changes like new phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Your site users can keep this information up to date themselves. For sites that use xcClassified's billing features, users can also update and change their billing information (new card expiration dates, change accounts, etc). The user account management and billing system that is built into xcClassified is called XUD. This is a shared user management system that will allow xcClassified to integrate with other XCENT web server applications and allows for a common membership database. XUD also allows you to protect other pages on your web site and only allow access by registered users.

Optional Image Uploading

If users want to include an image in their ads, some online ad sites require that they find their own place to store and host these image files. This is a process that is not easy for new users to quickly grasp or master very easily. So xcClassified allows your users to upload and host their images for their ad directly to your server. This option is seamlessly integrated into the ad posting interface. To use this optional feature, it does require an upload component from another vendor to be installed on your web server. xcClassified supports a number of different upload components (see requirements for complete details). If your site is hosted with an ISP or web host that provides ASP hosting services, most likely they already have this component installed and available for you to use, so it is a simple matter of turning the upload option on. xcClassified makes it easy for all your users to include images right within their ads without having to master image hosting, learn HTML or deal with other technical issues.

Optional Thumbnail Creation

When users upload images, thumbnails can automatically be generated to make them stand out in different listing views. To use this optional feature, it requires an imaging component from another vendor to be installed on your web server. xcClassified supports a number of different imaging components (see requirements for complete details).

Automatic Activity Email

xcClassified is designed to help you keep your site users informed of ad activity on items they have posted. xcClassified will automatically notify users when their ads have expired so that they know to renew them. xcClassified works to help keep people coming back to your site by keeping them engaged!