I would like to say that you have a superb product, very easy to translate in Greek and very configurable.
- Costas Z.

Very nicely designed program, by the way.
- Steve S.

I wanted to send this note to let you know how pleased I am with your product. After some trial and error we where able to set up our classified site with Xclassified pro. This could only be done with the help of your tech support staff. Thank you all for your quick, and concise responces.
- Scott U.

Just as an aside, I was talking with a friend who operates a site, and he was telling me about all the problems he was having with his programmers. This just reminded me how much I appreciate the work you have done for me, and how well the Xcent software works, and how helpful you have been in solving any problems I have had. Thanks again.
- Bill D.

You guys are so cool. I love your support team, so fast and so accurate and to the point. You have really helped me a lot.
- John B.

Thanks for your continued assistance, I totally appreciate this support and will use your stuff for future projects.
- Greg D.

Thanks a lot for sorting this out for me, you've been a great help. It's a pleasure for once to find a company that backs up great software with excellent technical support!
- James M.

Thank you for making my life easier than it would have been had i not found Xcent.
- Keith C.

I am VERY happy with your software & services.
- Gary T.

You guys are great and I will recommend your product to anyone.
- Lewis E.

Once again, thanks so much for your support in the past! If you ever need a testimonial--let me know--for the price I paid--I've gotten the support ten times over!
- Robin B.

Great product... excellent coding... you guys sure know your stuff!
- Richard L.

Everytime I contact your company the response has been timely and professional.
- Paul B.

I must tell you that if everyone's support was 1/2 has responsive as you guys there would be a lot more happy camper out there.
- Gary O.

Note: These are actual comments from real users of XcClassified that we have received via email.