What is xcClassified

xcClassified is a powerful e-Commerce ASP software application that you can use to run a classified ads system right on your own web site.

What Does xcClassified Include

xcClassified actually consists of two applications that work together as a single e-Commerce application. These consist of the main Classifieds application and the XUD User Management system. xcClassified also includes xcForum, a message board application that you can optionally choose to install to create an added sense of community on your site.

What Do You Need to use xcClassified

Before getting started with xcClassified, you need to register a domain name. Next you need a web site host that meets the application's minimum requirements. There are a wide variety of hosts that can support xcClassified. See the requirements page for specific details. XCENT does provide complete application hosting if you want a one stop solution for your specific classified site management needs. If you aren't sure what you need or where to start in setting up your own classifieds site, contact XCENT by clicking the contact tab above and an XCENT technician will be glad to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Installation Services

If you are comfortable with using our user and admin demos but you aren't sure if you can handle setting up the application yourself, let us help you. For a flat rate of $125, an XCENT technician will work with you to install the software on your chosen host and work with you to make sure that everything is working. If you already have a website, we can even make sure that xcClassified will look visually integrated with your other pages. You can order an installation at the same time as when you purchase xcClassified. Or, you can wait and try to install xcClassified yourself and then decide to order an installation at a later time if you need direct assistance. Once you place an order for installation, XCENT will contact you with a list of questions. There are a few technical questions that we will need in order to connect to your site. The rest of the questions are mainly designed so that we can set the built-in xcClassified configuration settings according to your needs- this includes color settings, fee settings, and more.

Customization Services

xcClassified also makes an excellent base for creating a very customized site. Since xcClassified is a 100% ASP VBScript application, experienced ASP developers can customize xcClassified as much as they want to suit their own particular requirements. However, if you have specific needs for xcClassified but lack the skills to implement them yourself, XCENT can provide complete consulting and customization services. If you think you need custom services, please feel free to send us your detailed list of requirements describing exactly what features and changes you need. We can then provide you with an estimate on customization costs. Such requests can be sent to info@xcent.com. To help us provide the most accurate assessment, please be as detailed as possible in your requests.